Tuesday, March 31, 2009

simple life

sorry guys i havent been updating my blog. i've been busy lately..

anyways. i passed my license test hehe but it was kinda funny hahahahaha
who was with me during that test knows why hahahaha

ok. here how it goes..

1st i depart from my house like around 0830am

if im not mistaken the test suppose to start at 1000am. but if anyone hasnt known my father. He is like the kind of guy that likes to be on time..but before we reached to cemerlang.me and my parents went to take our breakfast.well it was just a simple one actually. i only ate 2 slices of bread and a cold mineral water. Those are the usual food i eat for breakfast..then my parents send me to mazris and said my goodbyes to them. As usual my mum always give me a kiss on the cheek before i go somewhere else. When i reached there. i saw some girls sitting besides the front desk.but i just sat in the room where the boys hang out. Then i saw nabilah.OK this is a surprise. I saw nabilah wearing a.....ok i dont know whats its called.its a girl stuff anyway. but it is tied around her wrist and it looks more like a gangster like....i think its like a bling bling hahahahaha then i ask her why did she wear that? then she answered its to scare off the jpj. then i laugh n said the only thing that the jpj is scared off, is when nabilah crash to a tree o a big drain:P hahahahahahahahahaha

then fathi,ayie,luqman and adlan was there. then i said my hello to them and shaked hands. Then one of the instructor send us to cemerlang. i sat in the front because luqman told me so hehe. As usual the instructors always give some advise before the test start. oh yeah ayie didnt follow us because there only room for 5 people...sorry mate..anyway he reached cemerlang about 20mins late. when we reached there it started to rain. then when the test should have started. it rain pretty heavily. we have to wait like around 1hour. blast the gods. why has zeus cursed us on that day. and may poseidon aid us on stopping the rain( hehe sounds cool:P)

oh yeah. nabilah started her test earlier then us. but her number was called to do the road test. then fathi and luqman did they test on 3pointer,parking and going up hill. then the only person that hasnt took they test was me,adlan and ayie. blast zues and his rage for stopping us to do our bidding. may athena aid us with her wisdom and hope. to endure our conquest on gaining our victory and be victorious...

after the poseidon manage to stop zues's rage and athena granting us with her wisdom. we sat marching to our carriage and regain our spirits to bring down the walls of our great nemesis...jpj... ok heres the funny part. it was still raining but just a drizzle. after i conquered my task on climbing to the peak of mount cemerlang. i started to encounter a new foe.parking. when i start to accelerate my carriage to the depths of hades itself. my carriage was having some diffuculties. i cursed my carriage but i never give up hope. i start to force myself to the very end. but the carriage wont let me. it kept on resisting. but athena kept on giving me her aid to continue on my conquest by granting the power of resurrection. about 4 or 3 times i used my power and hopefully it would be my last.i mastered it without any hesitation. finally i stumble upon my next foe, the 3pointer. it was an easy fight. i slayed it not more then 1min. than i sat to rest to regain my health. then my men fathi and luqman came to us bragging on their victory to us. but their boast never amuse us one bit. so me,ayie and adlan set our journey to bring victory to our homeland. we waited about 2hours. we stop and rest on a barren land. we rest and rest as death draws nearer. then ayie heard a voice calling him. i try to warn him that it was nothing but just a trick. but ayie kept on gaining his step. then that was the last time i saw his face. it was only me and adlan now. then the same trick again playing our minds. but this time its calling for adlan. As death draws nearer. adlan has no other choice but to answer the voice thats calling him. i dont blame him. so i decided to let him be. Now the only battalion that still stand is only me...then i heard the same voice again but this time its calling my name. i stood up and step forth to stop this madness before it do any harm to others. then i face my final opponent....the worst of the worst. as zues brought us life.. he had to bring life to this one. its JPJ by the name of anuar. it was born from the fiery pits of hades and has a skin as dark at the black hole( not that dark) he has eyes as the same as a cyclops but it was granted with a pair. i stood there thinking to myself...is this the end....with ares granting me with his impregnability. i gain my victory by slicing his throat till his very last drop of blood came splashing towards me and covering up my whole body. after i roared and boasting my victory towards zues. he grant me with a carriage and a safe journey home. i was victorious. when i reached to my homeland. i encounter an old hag. i step off my carriage and hold out my sword towards her. she smiled and said that i should come 7moons from now to gain my trophy. my heart was fulled with rage as she walk pass me. i felt of slitting her throat till hades claim his prize,but my heart went soft. so i leave her be.

when i came back to my homeland. i boast to my people of my victory and waited for the next 7moons to appear....

so there, i gain my trophy. it was nothing but a replica of my L license except for its colour.... but then i reaslised i should slit the old hag throat.....

there you have it folks... my P license adventure....give a comment on it hehe