Thursday, February 19, 2009

A story of my friend since i was year 4 till form 5

Back then when i was a kid. I stayed with my parents in London for a couple of years around 3 years to be precise. My mum was doing her PHD,that time i was around 6 years old. and my brother was 1 year younger. When i was 9,we have to return back to our homeland. At that time,i was pretty upset because im gonna miss my freinds in London especially Hugo,Micheal, Jack,Mustafa(he was the only islamic student besides me and my brother) and Anthony. They were the best friends i ever had. During recess,we usually have a racing competition among ourselves. As usual,Micheal is always the winner (well maybe thats why all black people are good at sports...maybe one day he might beat our number 1 fastest runner BOLT!!!!) if that really happen,i will support you till the very end:)

Back to the chit chat,when i step my foot on my homeland,Malaysia. It was kinda hard for me to get use to the enviroment..thats not the worst part. After i moved on to our house thats in subang jaya. I forgoten all my language skill in bahasa melayu. I was like a complete foreigner. Not to mention,i was bullied everytime seeing a kid at school.. teasing me that im not a malayisian( damn bastard) i hate people like that not to mention,i truely hate racist.

I started schooling in S.K jalan 3 in year 3. Thats my biggest past life i truely hate to remember.
Day after day the kids at school stop teasing me eventually. That time i was finally relived that i finally found a friend that can speak good english thats fariz( he has a twin brother name hariz)
We chat most of the time,and i try to gather some knowledge on bahasa melayu by his help and my class teacher.

Later,i was transfered in a new class that is 4 rose. Same as always,pepole kept on bulling me. But i just kept my mouth shut. If not,they wont stop. During that time i meet this girl. we wasnt close thou, because i hardly talk to girls rather then boys.sorry about that. Then again, i was in 5 rose,same goes for the girl and still the same as a timid kinda guy.

Finally,our relationship started to become closer when i was in form4 Cekal in SMK jln3. Even do we harldy meet each other,thats because i was a prefect and she kept staying in the library most of the time. But our bonds never seem to be divided. Thanks to technology nowadays, people kept on using handphone most of their time to stay contact. But for us,we usually sms like everyday like 24 7! We share problems,playing jokes all those stuff what youths been doing lately. Some time we compete our grades just for fun. It was like a 50-50 win. Then i was moved to a new class that is 5Cekal. But i tought we could be in the same class,but we didnt create the rules around here,so we just have to stick with it. She was in 5 Budiman. As usually,even we were in different class since form4,we always stay in touch.

During mid year...she express her feelings to me all of a sudden. At 1st,i tought whe was just playing around as usual. But she seems to be serious about it. Then i told her that why dont we remain as friends for now? Then she remain in total silent. Its not like i hate her. But its just all of a sudden. I didnt blame her thou. Then after SPM,we still remain in touch via sms.

Then one day,i ask her if we could meet somewhere. Then we decided that we had a walk around jalan3. It was a long distance walk(like about 1hour i think) We chat mostly about things you had been doing during this holidays. Finally our time reached to an end,before we separated we went to buy a drink. She bought 100 plus and i bought a mineral bottle. After we finished drinking,she gave me a birthday present which she should have given long time ago. But i cant just reject it can i? I accept it with all my heart and then we said our goodbyes. Then we walk in a different path. I just stood there looking at her from behind walking slowly towards her home. Gazing at her for a few minutes,i start heading back home bringing back a present with a big smile on my face. Maybe this is a symbol of love i tought to myself... then i wish we could do it some other time when shes free:)

There you have it,my second blog.kinda like a love story.but what the heck. people fall in love sooner or later its just the matter of time:)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

18 february 2009

today was not the boring day i used to have during these past few days.

i am 18 years old and waiting for my spm results. During these holidays i've been taking some classes regarding on martial art that is aikido.

Heres a little summary on the history of aikido whose ever is interested on it.The founder of aikido is Morihei Ueshiba, he created this martial art in 1942 (before that he called his martial art "aikibudo" and "aikinomichi"). As a boy, he often saw local thugs beat up his father for political reasons. He set out to make himself strong so that he could take revenge. He devoted himself to hard physical conditioning and eventually to the practice of martial arts, receiving certificates of mastery in several styles of jujitsu, fencing, and spear fighting. In spite of his impressive physical and martial capabilities, however, he felt very dissatisfied. He began delving into religions in hopes of finding a deeper significance to life, all the while continuing to pursue his studies of budo, or the martial arts. By combining his martial training with his religious and political ideologies, he created the modern martial art of Aikido.

Aikido is mainly on joint locks and throws from jujitsu and combines them with the body movements of sword and spear fighting. The best part of aikido is that it helps us to defend ourself rather than picking up a fight. I joined it on January 2009,just to fill my free time rather than staying at home doing nothing most of the time. We call our the teacher sensei thats a japanease language of teacher during our practice. The fee is kinda expensive but its very effective thats IF you have a high spirit on learing of course:) its kinda tiring most of the time, because with all those rolling,throwing but its worth it....

Anyway this morning (18 february 2009), like always. i usually hang my clothes.. suddenly i felt pain on my right shoulder.At first i thought it was just a pin thats stuck on my T-shirt,so i ignore the pain. Then i felt pain again like i was bitten from something.. I try to look for the source by rubbing on my right shoulder but i felt nothng. Then i felt it all over again on my right shoulder.. then i finally come to an end, i toke off my shirt and then...about 6cm centipede on my right shoulder appear!!!!

i freaked out of course on my first glimpse. Then i grabbed hold of it and threw it to the ground. it remain stationary. Maybe because of the impact,i thought it was dead so i lived it alone. Then i looked at my right shoulder, there was red markings on it. At first it was kinda painful. Then start to scratch it but it just bring more pain. So i try to resists the pain and continue doing my loundry.. Then my right shoulder started to become numb and i cant feel my right arm moving for a while. maybe because of its poison....

I put some gamat lotion to ease the pain and hopefully to enable to feel my right arm 1230 hour,i felt better (thank god)..

In the afternoon around 1700 hour after i pick up some dry close since yesterday,the centipede that threw was gone....that time i felt kinda scared already.... maybe it wants to take revenge on the person who threw it. Then i told my parents to stay on a high alert and never to let they guard down...

but the weird part is,how does the centipede happen to appear on my T-shirt?? That remain a mystrey to me..

well there you have it,my first blog. hehe give some comments after you read it:) hehe