Tuesday, July 14, 2009

the Happy life of tutorial7

The day started when i was on my way to the unversity..i came 2 the university to do my preparation to go to egypt to do my medicine. i came with a kia karnival that belongs to my dad of coz..i reached there around 10mins late...when my dad parked the car..i stumbled to meet fatin!! my classmate since form 4 n 5!! At 1st i think i was just dreaming.. thn i wave just to make sure...she waved back!!! then i introduced her to my mum n dad.. bla..bla...bla..

I came to the building name 'pusat kemudahan" to fill in the formsanf sign up my name... then i stumbled to meet ain,my old old old freind since primary school...thn ikhsan...thn syahirah....the daughter of the very famous agus hahaha

After i sign up..pick up my keys to my room and a pillow and i went back to the car so that my dad could drive me to the block...it was uphill..damn freakin high...it took minutes to reached thr..due to traffic... to many cars passing and over taking...plus its a one way road..and not many parking lots..so people kept parking besides the road...so theres the answer to the road block...

I picked up my belongings and went to find my room in blockB ,room...i forgot:P.....i got to the room and it was like hell! toilet dirty,floor in a mess,bed was like puke,my cupboard was like been hit by a tornado..then my dad made a complaint to switch rooms...then luckily there was an empty room besides mine plus the room was cleaner and the toilet wasnt as worst as my previous one..thank god.. so my roomate was shafiq..his a year older then me..so i ask him questions bcecause it was the 1st time 4 me be staying in a room away from my parents....BUT i wasnt even crying like a baby ok....just happy for once to find freedom away from my parents

Alright so i find new friends,my roomate shafiq,my nghbrs: syamim,tarmizi,ahamad,dzulhakim,cat,irfan,syahmi,hildizam,firdaus,abg long.

when class started, it was kinda new for me. All the students are from kelantan,terengganu,kuching but mostly kelantan..i think....then they started to divide into groups..im in tutorial7 hehe

To me it was the best experienced i ever had...to have many friends like them was everything for me. If you want to know more about them,you can look at my myspace on the my top friends...i havent edit it all yet..to busy nowadays..sorry... we had our bad times and good times . but who cares..at least i have them by my side:)

Mostly during the night i hangout with my buddy najmi hahaha we always play speed and big 2 hahahha
we were like addicted to it...we played every night. but i always beat him in speed haha...bt the game gets bttr if y.y,hilmi and tahjuddin joins in.

There was a trip going to HUKM,and it only lasted for 1day!! i was kinda pissed of couse,who ain't?.. but luckily our group manage to see cadavers..hahaha the odour was like fish in the pasar malam but only worst... they show us sme police cases....hahahaha kinda cool by the way....then we went back in the afternoon... nothing much because it was only for 1 day

Then class held like normal,except the day when we all have to act....this part was fun...we have to perform an act that is base on musical like in high school musical but this time in arabic of course..then i have to be the bride:P hahahha they choose me and my ehem2 because we were wearing the same colour of clothes:P blue~ we perform our act...and the ustazah syafini recorded it!! hahaha class ended like normal..we went back, cleaning our clothes or play badminton in the afternoon. Then during the end of our preparation to to egypt..we started to make some activities just to get know more of each other hehe 1st it started with sports in the morning till afternoon...then during the night a big dinner is held:) hehe

There were many sports held,explore race and sukanika..our team wasnt the number 1 unfortunately..but we came back with happy smiles:) we took pics of the whole group...hahaha it was fun hehe then dinner was even better...we all wear our best...hehe bcause there was a competition between tutorials...our tutorial performed a danced base on a movie hawa choosed...we practice our heads off...but luck was on our side...we won for top place yeah!! good job guys hehehe we all cheered and take pictures. The dinner ended after our perfomance..everyone had to go back huhu then our group started to make a meeting just to say our goodbyes to all of our members..it ended with tears. It was sad for me but i try to control myself,not to get emotions taking over me. Then we said our final goodbyes. The next day, we have to return our keys and pillows back to the unversity. hehe ahmad followed me home,because he had no place to stay. His dad has to pick him up the day after tomorrow. That night my parents,me and ahmad went out for a treat hehe we ordered lots of food. hahahah and ahmad manage to finish them all!! i would be happy to list them all out for you, but i dont want you drooling on your keyboard and blaming it on me for the damage hahahaha the next day we send ahamd to the KTM and from there we said our goodbyes.



ps: if theres any error please be happy to list them out for me


  1. hawe:
    thanx 2 giv me read diz
    very touching la aliff
    pleasent 2 noe u oso
    bdw da dancing idea not mine
    but oso tgther wif hapiz pikal n zati
    juz 2 infrm u~
    keep writing n
    may our frenship stay along!

  2. i love tutorial 7 too! XD hahaha kidding2.